New Product Alert! The Wanderer Organic Cologne

Cory Balboni

Posted on March 08 2017

It's starting to warm up here. The daffodils are turning their sunny faces toward the heavens, the dogwoods have sprouted armies of delicate white blossoms, and the tulip magnolias and cherry trees are budding. Spring is coming. Rejoice! 

The change of seasons always makes me restless. I've spent too long cooped up indoors over winter, and I'm damn near desperate to get back out into my gardens. The good thing about being stuck inside is that I've had plenty of time to concoct new products, among them, a line of colognes. 

First up is The Wanderer. 

Woodsy, herbaceous, earthy and smoky. This blend encapsulates all the things that I love most about the great outdoors. It provokes my wanderlust. Makes me want to pack up my camping gear and disappear into the wilderness for a few weeks.

Organic jojoba oil acts as the base for this cologne, which, thanks to its similarity to the natural sebum that we produce, is readily absorbed into the skin, leaving behind an alluring blend of organic basil, rosemary, vetiver, fir needle, and spearmint essential oils.

Perfect for those who spend more time outside than in, or those who spend more time inside than out and wish that wasn't so.

Packaged in a 1 oz recyclable glass roll-top bottle with a compostable label, and shipped in recycled, recyclable packaging so you can feel good about what's inside AND outside your product.

You can find it listed here. 


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